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Service offering assistance and maintenance

CoStell has been in the cogeneration market for 15 years. We have always identified highly customized and innovative solutions for our clients, paying particular attention to their specific needs and production cycles.

In the same spirit, CoStell offers a strongly competitive, and above all, innovative post-sale service with the following main objectives:

The block diagram below outlines the operations hierarchy of the maintenance service. All activities carried out as part of scheduled maintenance have the intrinsic function of reducing the need for later corrective actions.

Service types offered

The assistance and maintenance is full service: At the operational level, the functional guarantee of all serviced components, including structural faults. The components are all parts of the plant that the manufacturer does not intend to replace during the service period.

Ordinary, abnormal and conditional maintenance is based upon planned preventive interventions, before plant parts deteriorate from wear and tear.

An integral part of the service is predictive maintenance, timed by mathematical models that calculate the time remaining before a component fails. In general, predictive maintenance is only applied to parts where their operational durations are determinable; corrective actions are taken for factors that can neither be estimated nor predicted.

The services included in this offer:

Single contact for EPC contractor and service

Ordinary maintenance

Abnormal maintenance

Corrective maintenance

Remote control of the plant

Reachable 24/7 and can provide assistance in 12 or 24 hours

Maintenance at failure

Predictive maintenance

Multidisciplinary technical support

Periodic checks at the plant

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