Enerblu Cogeneration

Enerblu Cogeneration

Enerblu Cogeneration is a mechanical company founded in 2013 that designs and manufactures cogeneration and trigeneration plants in the Lonigo (VI) site.

The group makes use of qualified engineers and technicians, its own research center aimed at product development, and design of components that make it possible to obtain the maximum quality and reliability of the installed systems.

The mission of Enerblu Cogeneration Srl is to offer its customers technologically advanced energy efficiency solutions as well as a service that continuously aims at excellence.

Enerblu is able to supply complete and fully tele-assisted cogeneration islands remotely from our service, managing all the main thermal vectors such as hot, cold (air conditioning and refrigeration) and superheated water, steam, diathermic oil, hot air. Furthermore, Enerblu's cogeneration plants are able to operate using methane gas, LNG (liquefied natural gas), LPG, biogas/biomethane and now, thanks to the introduction of a new dedicated product range, also using hydrogen.

Thanks to Costell's entry into the group, Enerblu is today the only Italian company with a complete range of cogenerators, from 6 kWe to 20 MWe with endothermic engine or turbine technology. The experience and know-how acquired over time, dedicated to the construction of cogeneration and trigeneration plants, allow companies belonging to the group to accompany their customers in choosing the plant solution that best matches their energy needs, maximizing the economiical benefits.

Within the group there is an innovative startup, Stellar S.r.l., owner of a patent for the production of green hydrogen, made up of a team of specialized technicians.

Enerblu boasts applications in all product sectors, from agro-food to plastic companies, from dairy to mineral water, from hospitals to small private clinics, to the tertiary sector dedicated to hospitality (hotels, restaurants, nursing homes and colleges) or wellness (swimming pools and SPA). The company is also the market leader in the world of biogas and biomethane plants produced from livestock manure or water purification.

Thanks to the internationalization process that has been undertaken in recent years, Enerblu is now present throughout Europe. The plants supplied abroad, in particular fueled by natural gas and biogas, are allowing for an important development of the brand.

To date, more than 250 plants have been designed, installed and managed by the department dedicated to maintenance and supervision activities. This fundamental activity is based on carrying out preventive and corrective maintenance, reducing plant downtimes to a minimum and maintaining a high degree of efficiency in plant operation, also made possible thanks to active supervision 7/7 and 24 hours a day and the presence of specialized technicians in the area.

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